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Nautical information

We have had a few requests for nautical information in English for the area east of Fanoe. So here are a few hints and advice for sailing in the area.

The difference between high tide and low tide is normally around 1,60 m, so a boat with a depth of 1,50 m can safely reach Kammerslusen at high tide. Please notice that the depth by easterly winds can be up to 40-50 cm lower, so keep an eye on the weather. Please also notice that the passage on the inside of Fanoe is limited to a mast height of approximately 12 meters because of the high voltage cables that are crossing the bay just south of Esbjerg.

The route to Kammerslusen is well marked, so the navigation is easy. If your boat's depth is less than 1 meter, and you don't have a mast, you can go all the way to Ribe - a very nice old town, definitely worth a visit.


Both our harbours have toilet and bath facilities and you can use our wireless internet. The harbor fee is DKK 90,- per day and electricity costs DKK 20,- per day. Internet access is free of charge.

Kammerslusen controls the water level in Ribe Å, and also allows the passage of boats. The sluice is operated by the following schedule:

1. April until 30. september:

  • Free passage Monday to Thursday from 3 hours before to 3 hours after high tide (only between 07.00 and 18.00)
  • Free passage Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3 hours before to 3 hours after high tide (only between 07.00 and 21.00)
  • Outside these periods, call +45 76 16 22 12 for assistance.
  • Outside the free periods the price for passage is DKK 50,00, by assistance call DKK 75,00 (one boat only). If more than one boat is passing, the prices is DKK 25,00 / DKK 50,00
  • The sluice is operated between 23.00 and 05.00

1. October until 31. January

  • Outside this period, call +45 76 16 22 12 for assistance
  • Free passage all days between 04.00 and 06.00 and also between 13.00 and 15.00. You must call for assistance.
  • The sluice is not operated between 22.00 and 04.00

1. February until 31. March

  • Passage is only possible during work hours (4 hours Monday to Friday). The sluice is not operated in weekends.
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